We supply translations between (to and from) the following language pairs: English-Dutch, Spanish-Dutch and Spanish-English. We also provide sworn translations. Naturally we make sure to tailor your text to the country in which it will be used, whether in England or the United States, for example, in the case of English texts, or in Spain or Latin America in the case of Spanish texts.

Translation revision

Perhaps you have a text that you have translated yourself, but would like a fresh pair of eyes to give it an expert review. We can check your translation for typos, spelling and translation errors, coherence, readability and/or specific terminology. Should you have any special requirements, please let us know. We edit translations in English, Dutch and Spanish.


We can also review texts for typos, spelling and linguistic errors, coherence, readability and/or specific terminology and so on. We edit texts written in English, Dutch and Spanish.

Adapting translations to the target country

Last but not least, we can adapt your text or translation to suit the country in which it will be used. For example, if you have a text written in British English that you would like to use in the United States, we can make the necessary modifications. Or if you have a Spanish text that you plan to use in several different South American countries, we can adjust it to the specific requirements of each country.

Translation from Spanish into Dutch or English.
Translation from English into Dutch or Spanish.
Translation from Dutch into Spanish or English.


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