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VDB Vertalingen was founded by Diana van den Broek. Diana received her training as a translator in Spanish and English at the Maastricht School of Translation and Interpreting, gaining experience in fields ranging from law to economy and tourism to technology. She subsequently earned a specialised diploma in legal translation from the Dutch Foundation ‘Institute of Court Interpreters and Translators’ (SIGV), followed by a Master’s degree in Translation from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2009. She has almost 20 years’ experience working in the translation industry.

At VDB Vertalingen you won’t find a large in-house staff – but as we see it, that’s not necessary. Today’s language industry provides excellent opportunities for working with an array of external professionals. And that’s exactly what we do, drawing on an extensive network of academically trained translators with years of experience.

As a smaller translation agency, we pride ourselves on our personal, honest and friendly relationship with customers. For VDB Vertalingen, these are the cornerstones of high-quality service.

VDB Vertalingen: outstanding work at a reasonable price.

Translation from Spanish into Dutch or English.
Translation from English into Dutch or Spanish.
Translation from Dutch into Spanish or English.


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