Working method

At VDB Vertalingen we know that when it comes to your text, quality is everything. We work with a network of academically trained translators, all with years of experience. Texts are translated exclusively by native speakers of the target language who are familiar with the field concerned. Each translation is subsequently reviewed by a native speaker of the source text language. This approach allows us to guarantee the quality of each and every translation.

We tailor our approach to what each customer wants. After all, not every text is designed to achieve the same purpose. Only consider the differences between such subject areas as law, medicine and marketing. Individual customer needs also vary widely. We make a point of finding out exactly what you want to achieve with your text. We’re also happy to use any lists of specific terminology applied within your organisation or field. By working together, we can ensure the best possible translation of your text.

In some cases, all you want is to convey information in another language. It might be as simple as finding out what that foreign customer has written in his e-mail, or you find yourself having to draft an email in a foreign language. VDB Vertalingen is ready to help, whatever the task.

If you have a large project you would like us to furnish, our preferred approach is to supply a section first. This allows you to determine whether you are satisfied with the style. Does it match the image you wish the translation to convey? That judgement is not always easy. By addressing these aspects at an early stage, you can steer us on the right course to the envisioned final product.

Translation from Spanish into Dutch or English.
Translation from English into Dutch or Spanish.
Translation from Dutch into Spanish or English.


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